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BTL Promotions acquired the exclusive agent rights to present Moleskine, the second to none luxury notebooks, which is considered the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemengway and Bruce Chatwin, Moleskine notebooks, journals, writing instruments and reading accessories are built to complement each other in form and function, while creating a synergy between quality, durability and versatility that inspires imagination and fuels creativity, making it the perfect high-end giveaway to present any brand seeking a lasting Impression in the mindset of its V.I.P clients.


The dutch brand, XD Design is a perfect example of how innovation is met through sustainable designs with ingenious solutions in providing convenience and comfort with great security, in addition the fabric being produced with high density and light weight material, adding extra layers of protection, while still being light, making it an ideal choice for day to day activities or for travel. BTL Promotions acquired the exclusive agent rights to present XD Design, the revolutionary backpack brand and winner of the 2017 Red dot design award.


BTL Promotions obtained the exclusivity rights for distributing SCHNEIDERs’ promotional line of writing instruments, the Stars 2016 “Brand of The Century Award” winner and 2017 “German Brand Award” winner as well. SCHNEIDER. The brand for your brand is not only the oldest pen manufacturer in Germany, but also the leader with 40% of the ballpoint pen market share in Germany. Schneider is well established when talking about writing instruments, standing for Quality, Writing Comfort, Design and Suitability for everyday use. The great writing performance and longevity of SCHNEIDER products will support any promotional campaign for any brand positively, and thus it offers all the benefits of a strong brand: High quality and superior writing experience. High emotional added value and advantage for your image. Guaranteed Safety due to ,,Made in Germany” Compliance with the demanding ecological and social Standards.


When it comes to superior quality products that are trusted worldwide, BTL Promotions always seek highly recognized brands, CROSS is one of our exclusive brands. A vintage longstanding brand, the first CROSS product was made in 1846 and since then CROSS has long depended on its legacy to convey its value in design ingenuity with quality craftsmanship. CROSS excelled in manufacturing fine writing instruments, time pieces and in 2002 CROSS introduced its accessories line that include leather items such as wallet, Money Clip, Female purse, Female bag, Large and Mid-Size Portfolios, Daily Planner, Pen/Accessories Case, Business, and Key chains. CROSS luxury personal accessories is a symbol of success and achievement. It is a perfect way to exhibit appreciation and esteem for valued clients and colleagues.

Piere Cardin-13.png

Exclusively by BTL Promotions, Pierre Cardin accessories range of executive leather items, balances minimal complexity and high functionality with its ever know sophisticated designs. Started his career working with big time designer legends such as Christian Dior, who Pierre Cardin contributed in building his name in the fashion world, and that by its own provided him with a rapid experience and exposure to the French fashion scenery, which further pushed him to go rogue and establish his own business. Pierre Cardin’s fascination with geometric shapes is valid in his colorful, stylish and contemporary designs which solidified his image as an avant-garde in producing fashion, jewelry, furniture, perfumes, and accessories


Chili Concept with its uniquely creative and eye catching items, Chili is breaking through the idea that Corporate gifts and giveaways should have standard designs, making it stand out in the sea of promotional possibilities. Chili Concept design, source, produce, quality control and ship safe and socially responsible corporate gifts to the most discerning brands in the world. Chili is our exclusive collection of highly customizable corporate gifts and promotional products.

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